Congratulations. You've stumbled upon the remains of what was once a pretty decent Marvel Comics-inspired fan fiction site, Unstable Molecules. Sadly, we shut our doors back in 2003. There's a long story behind that, and it's one with which I shall not bore you.

I used to maintain this space as an archive, but owing to another long story, and to the fact that my only back-up is on a loose hard drive currently/indefinitely awaiting a home, all of the stories that my talented group of writers penned for this site are sitting in limbo.

I have, however, managed to salvage my own stories, and I decided that they still wanted to be shared with the world. ha ha. This is easily one of the most self-indulgent things that I've evern done. I've even gone to the trouble of supplying commentaries on the individual issues in order to give you some idea of what I was attempting to do, whether I succeeded or not.

Actually, I'm fairly proud of my Quasar issues—I think they're some of the finest fiction I've ever written. "Loose Endings" is perhaps the greatest story featuring Quasar, Thanos, Adam Warlock, Gamora, Pip the Troll, Kayla Ballantine, Moondragon, the Thing, and Magneto never told (except by me). But seriously, if you like Quasar, you'll like the story. That's my money-back guarantee.

I apologize for the utter rawness of this website, but I could not justify doing anything more extravagant just to showcase these old fan fiction tales.

Please feel free, as well, to visit my other web projects, which you should find listed at my homepage.

Justin Garrett Blum
2 August 2006